• An FPC Manufacturer Retrofitting Report

    This report fully demonstrate how Flex Plus made the commitment to be the forefront position by upgrading equipments, factory renovation and greatly improve the wastewater treatment system.

  • About Flex Plus

    Flex Plus is a leading private company based in Xiamen, China, and is recognized as a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, as well as production of Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) technology. Flex Plus offers a wide range of FPC products, including single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer, and Rigid-Flex, all of which can be mass-produced in-house.

    The company has established long-term relationships with many renowned customers in the technology industry, such as GN Resound and AGP Group, as well as a famous Belgium-based glass group. Additionally, Flex Plus has served numerous customers from the United States, East and South Asia, Japan, Europe, Israel, and Taiwan.


    As a leading FPC manufacturer, Flex Plus is committed to delivering high-quality products that meet the needs of customers around the world. With a focus on research and development, as well as production capabilities, Flex Plus is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the FPC industry.

  • Flex Plus management certified

    ◼ IATF16949: 2016

    ◼ ISO14385: 2017

    ◼ ISO9001: 2015

    ◼ ISO14001: 2015

    ◼ UL Certified

    ◼ Hight Tech company granted by Xiamen Government

    ◼ Little High Tech Giant from Fu Jian province

    ◼ Integration of Industrialization and information

    ◼ Xiamen Fast growing company

    ◼ Intellectual property management system certificate

  • An FPCB manufacture with great strength

    Flex Plus is dedicated to delivering high-quality FPCB products, and effective team management is key to achieving this goal. By obtaining certifications year after year, project after project, Flex Plus demonstrates its unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Team Upgrade

    At Flex Plus, our focus is on delivering high-quality FPCBs on time, every time. That's why we're investing in our team, bringing in experienced technical and management professionals with deep expertise in the FPC industry. By upgrading our talent and improving processes across product development and delivery, we're confident that we can optimize our production capabilities and exceed customer expectations.

  • 1. Equipment Upgrade

     Flex Plus, an FPCB factory company, recently underwent a comprehensive technical transformation project to improve production technology and automation. As part of this project, we purchased 26 sets of equipment that cover various production processes, as well as 7 sets of air conditioning systems to create a new automatic/semi-automatic production line and supporting facilities.

    2. Factory Renovation

    The factory renovation involved bringing in a completely new etching line to the third floor, which was treated with 5-cloth and 5-coating anti-acid and alkali technology. We also built a new Clean Room for dry film and cover-lay layup workshop, which was designed with positive pressure, central air-conditioning, and a dust-free air intake and exhaust system.

     3. Wastewater Treatment Improvement

    To meet the upgraded production electrical needs, Flex Plus purchased Jaguar screw air compressors and refrigerated dryers. We also upgraded and expanded our wastewater treatment equipment, renewed the sewage and drainage pipes, and optimized the wastewater discharge system to ensure that the final discharged wastewater meets the standards of environmental protection.


    The project upgrade has resulted in a smoother production process, improved technical productivity, stable product quality, increased energy efficiency, and a more standardized, clean, and tidy workshop. We are committed to continuously investing in our facilities and equipment to remain at the forefront of the FPCB industry and provide our customers with high-quality products and services.

  • Manufacture Your Brilliance

    You concieve brilliant ideas, we deliver excellence

  • CNC Drilling Upgrade

    Flex Plus has recently invested in new equipment and technology to improve their production efficiency and quality. The company has purchased a Han's six-axis CNC drilling machine and industrial vacuum equipment to process 0.1mm via holes with a high accuracy of +/-0.03mm. This has greatly improved processing capacity and production efficiency while reducing noise levels and improving environmental protection.


    To further enhance their operations, Flex Plus has also purchased automatic panel-packing machines to improve panel-packing efficiency, and a double-arm feeding machine and a dry film auto-cutting machine for their dry film project. These equipment automatically cuts the remaining dry film and completes the closing action with a robot arm, which solves the shortage of labor and personnel and finally achieves high consistency of film cutting quality.


    Moreover, Flex Plus has invested in another double-sided automatic alignment line exposure machine for their exposure project. This machine uses CCD for precise alignment with an alignment tolerance of +/-0.05mm, which is better than the general tolerance from other Chinese FPC companies that is above +/-0.1mm. This machine has greatly improved alignment accuracy while saving 50% of the labor in the procedure. Usually, four people are required to complete the operation, but after the project is finished, only two people are needed to complete this procedure.

  • Dry Film & Exposure

    Flex Plus Boosts Efficiency and Quality with New Dry Film and Exposure Equipment


    Flex Plus, a leading FPCB factory company, is proud to announce its latest investments in dry film and exposure equipment. The company has acquired a double-arm feeding machine and a dry film auto cutting machine, which work together to attach dry film on both sides of copper foil, automatically cutting the remaining film and completing the closing action with a robot arm. This new equipment helps to address the shortage of labor and personnel while achieving high consistency of film cutting quality.


    In addition to the new dry film equipment, Flex Plus has also invested in a double-sided automatic alignment line exposure machine that uses CCD for precise alignment. This new equipment has an alignment tolerance of +/-0.05MM, which is much better than the industry's general tolerance of +/-0.1mm among other Chinese FPCB companies. The automatic alignment process saves up to 50% of the labor required for this procedure, reducing the number of personnel needed from 4 to just 2.


    These investments in new technology have greatly improved Flex Plus's production efficiency and quality. The dry film and exposure equipment help to streamline production processes, saving time and reducing the risk of human error. The improved alignment accuracy also ensures that the final product meets the highest quality standards, ensuring customer satisfaction.


    In conclusion, Flex Plus's new investments in dry film and exposure equipment demonstrate the company's commitment to delivering the highest quality FPCBs to its customers while increasing efficiency and reducing labor costs. The new equipment has significantly improved the consistency and accuracy of film cutting and alignment, helping Flex Plus to stay ahead of its competitors in the FPCB industry.